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Our History: Since it’s founding over 10 years ago as a small trucking firm, Platinum Transporters has established itself as a leading and progressive trucking company in the NYC metro area.

Tranportation Services: Platinum Transporters offers transportation services to and from container terminals and logistical warehouses across the tri-state area, and many other north-eastern states. Our specialty is transporting container imports and exports legally and safely with a wide range of transportation equipment and staff. We also transport Over-Weight / Over-Height containers to most cities in the tri-state area.

Dispatch: Our dispatching hub is located within minutes of all major container terminals in tri-state area; this proximity allows us to provide our customers same day deliveries on available containers. Our deliveries are on time and we always communicate ahead of time when delays occur.

Our Values: Consistent with the vision of our founders, our objectives remain the same. Our mission is to provide on-time deliveries, safe and professional drivers, flexible and personalized service at competitive rates.

Our Services. The Service We Are Proud Of.


Container Drayage

Container Drayage

Platinum Transporters specializes in the transportation of container imports and exports throughout the tri-state area and neighboring states. Our interchange agreements are with all the steamship lines and rail carriers in the tri-state area, which means we can transport any container anywhere without delays.

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Over Weight / Over Height Drayage Utilizing our 3-axle / Split axle chassis, we can transport Over-Weight 20' containers or Over-Height loads to and from any container terminal or warehouse in the tri-state area and neighboring states legally. Our special 3 axle chassis have a sliding wheelbase adjustment that conforms to DOT requirements. The container sits flush to the rear allowing normal dock plate access while loading or unloading. You won't need to take chances being responsible for an overweight ticket or worse. We can transport your import or export containers legally and safely.

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Loose Freight

Loose Freight

Platinum Transporters now provides LTL service in the tri-state area. Loose freight rates are based on the combination of weight and mileage to and from any warehouse in the area. We have lift gate service available and provide large as well as small bobtails to handle any loose freight shipment.

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The Reasons They Call Us Platinum.



Close to every NY/NJ metro area port.


24-hour surveillance guarantees that your goods are safe.

Chassis Fleet

Grab your container within minutes of discharge.

GPS & GEO Fencing

Trucks are directed along the quickest routes.

Online Login

Check availability status on LFD scheduling and your shipment.

Monitoring Software

Customized software feeds Platinum Transport real time info.

24 Hour Dispatch

Trained dispatchers is available to take your call 24 hours a day.

Driver Handheld Device

Platinum Transport drivers are equipped with a tablet to update movement.